Right now Jacksonville police are searching for the person responsible for slashing an 86-year-old man's throat.

Melvin Clark is luckily alive Monday night but cannot talk.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Melvin suffered a cut across his throat. He also suffered a cut to his wrist and finger.

Family said the hand injury left exposed bone. Melvin was discovered here near Normandy Boulevard and U.S. 301. He managed to climb out of a ditch after he was injured.

His wife is said she is upset and nervous after the incident. She did not want her named released.

She said she was worried when Melvin wasn't home when she returned from work Saturday afternoon. She became increasingly alarmed when she received a call that her husband's credit card was used by someone else.

It wasn't until almost midnight when Melvin's wife said she got the call to go to her hospital where her husband was. She said Melvin almost bled out and that he lost eight pints of blood.

He's not awake or coherent and she said she's not sure Melvin can survive his injuries.

Melvin has served a dozen years in the Air Force and Navy. His wife is still trying to wrap her head around why someone would do this to an 86-year-old.

"I can't understand why somebody would do this to a veteran who served his country to help protect them and also with him being an 86-year-old man who could do that to somebody like that," she said.

Melvin's vehicle ended up five hours away in Miami. If you have any info, you're urged to call police immediately.

"I just hope somebody can come forward and just give us some information as to who might have done this or if they had even been seen with Mel or his abductors... because he needs all the help he can get," his wife said.