JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Following the five-year sentencing of Corrine Brown on Monday, her attorney told First Coast News the former congresswoman hasn't made a decision about where she plans do her time.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons would consider her choice of the location she plans to report to, legal experts said. Additionally, non-violent offenders convicted of white collar crimes typically serve out their sentence in minimum security prisons.

According to the FBOP, minimum security facilities have dormitory style housing with limited or no fences. The inmate to staff ratio is low a the facilities are focused on work and programming. In the U.S. there are two all-female minimum security federal prisons in the United States:

Alderson Federal Prison Camp

The administration building of the Alderson Federal Prison Camp is seen in Alderson, West Virginia.  (Photo by Federal Bureau of Prisons vis Getty Images)

The Alderson Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia is best known as the minimum-security prison where Martha Stewart served her five-month sentence for lying to federal investigators. Currently, it has a total of 1,026 inmates and allows visitation four days a week.

Bryan Federal Prison Camp

Bryan Federa Prison Camp is located in Bryan, Texas. (Photo: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

The Bryan Federal Prison Camp is located in Bryan, Texas. It is a minimum-security prison with a total of 914 inmates.

The next level of prisons are low-security facilities which are also work and programming oriented but have double fences and more security on staff. Out of the five female low security prisons, the closest to Brown's home in Jacksonville is Federal Correction Institution of Tallahassee.

Federal Correctional Institute of Tallahassee. (PHOTO: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

Both the Alderson facility and low security facility FCI of Danbury, Connecticut are located less than 300 miles from Washington D.C. where 71-year-old Brown spent much of her time during her political career.

FBOP statistics show less than 3 percent of the federal prison population are over the age of 65 and six percent of all inmates are female.

Corrine Brown has several legal options that could keep her out of prison

Brown's defense attorney James Smith said Monday he plans to file a motion for bond pending appeal for the former Congresswoman. If granted, the motion would allow Brown to remain free during the appeal process which could take up to a year.

On appeal, if her conviction is overturned by a higher court, she would have further grounds to remain out of prison.

Corrine Brown enters the federal courthouse Monday morning to hear the reading of her sentence. (PHOTO: First Coast News)

Meanwhile if Brown is ordered to report to U.S. marshals, the date will be chosen by the Federal Bureau of Prisons who will also make the final decision on where Brown will serve her time. An order entered by Judge Tim Corrigan on Monday required Brown to surrender her passports on December 6.