If you are dealing heroin in Lake County, Fla., it's just a matter of time before a SWAT team "blows your door off the hinges," according to Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell.

In a video posted to the Lake County Sheriff's Office Facebook page on Friday, Grinnell addresses an uptick in overdose deaths related to heroin in the community. As dramatic music plays, Grinnell tells dealers that undercover agents have already purchased heroin and are simply waiting on arrest warrants to be finalized.

"So, to the dealers, I say enjoy looking over your shoulder constantly wondering if today is the day we come for you," he said.

The video, which features four agents wearing hoods and face masks, has been viewed over 1 million times. While the video was meant to send a tough message to dealers, some in the comments section joked that it looked akin to an ISIS video.

"This is almost comical," Facebook user Bill Moffatt said. "Someone has been watching too many ISIS videos. If only you had ended with Allah Akbar then exited stage left it may have been a little more intimidating."

Others praised Grinnell for literally laying down the law.

"Good for you," Linda Kramer Keane wrote. "Go get 'em!" While Jay Crouch wrote "That's my sheriff! Love it!"