Have you seen this social media post floating around? It says that Whataburger is closing all its doors by 2018.

If you haven't seen it, you might guess it got people all atwitter -- especially on Twitter.

But some people knew better.

And some were still skeptical.

If the Tweet from the official Whataburger Twitter account wasn't enough, First Coast News is here to tell you the good news. Whataburger is not closing. We repeat, Whataburger is not closing.

And if you need further proof of Whataburger's staying power, just click the link to that fake article. When you do, a picture of a laughing face with the words "you've been pranked" across the forehead appears. There is also a place where you can click to make your own prank. (But we don't recommend spreading or creating fake articles.)

We also reached out to Whataburger and they shut that rumor down with gusto:

Whataburger has no plans to stop doing business. In fact, we're proud of the fact our company is growing and we intend to serve our fresh, made-to-order burgers for many years to come. We want to reassure our loyal customers that Whataburger is here to stay.

We suggest getting a burger to celebrate.


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