From exercise, to sex, to acupuncture, the list of natural ways to induce labor goes on, but some women are claiming spicy pizza is the key.

A pizza from Hawthorne's New York Pizza & Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina has been nicknamed "the inducer." Pregnant women who are at term supposedly eat this spicy pizza and go into labor.

One mother says her water broke as she was eating the buffalo chicken pizza. Another says she went into labor just hours later. They say the secret, is in its spicy sauce.

We set out to verify, does eating spicy food induce labor. 
We spoke with Dr. Suny Caminero, an OB/GYN at St. Vincent's hospital in Jacksonville to find out.
"No, spicy food cannot induce labor. There is really no studies in spicy foods attributing anything with spicy foods inducing labor at all. It doesn't hurt to use it, it doesn't hurt to ingest it. It may give you heartburn, maybe a little upset stomach, but it won't necessarily induce labor," she said.
We can verify, spicy food does not induce labor. She says there are no foods that are clinically proven to induce labor.
The doctor says if you enjoy spicy foods, it's not harmful for the baby. If you're looking for a natural way to speed up the process, you'll have to look elsewhere.
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