A social media snafu had some Clay County residents concerned that the new branding for the county had taken out a familiar religious phrase.

Commissioner Mike Cella took to Facebook to correct the mistake made after the Clay County Board of Commissions voted on the new branding Tuesday night and released two photos, one of the seal, and one of the logo.

First Coast News set out to Verify whether or not Clay County had taken "In God We Trust" off of their new branding, but we didn't have to search very far. Clay County sent out a press release regarding the new logo and seal straight to our email inboxes clearing up the issue.

The seal for Clay County proudly reads "In God We Trust" on the bottom portion of the outer ring of the seal.

The new logo, however, which will be used for marketing purposes, depicts a skyline behind the name of the county.

So, no, "In God We Trust" was not omitted.


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