THE CLAIM | Daily's Place is hurting business at the Florida Theatre.

Both venues are downtown, but Daily's Place is much larger. Some have questioned whether the shiny new venue will hurt one of the city's oldest.

Clark Fouraker set out check the veracity of this claim.

THE INVESTIGATION | Speaking to staffers downtown.

We talked to Numa Saisselin, who runs the Theatre, and Tony Allegretti, the head of the Jacksonville Cultural Council.

"Our anticipation is that it’s not going to hurt us," Saisselin says. "We believe the more arts and culture that are in downtown, the better for everybody."

He says the Florida Theater's got a calendar booked into 2018.

Interestingly, it's one of the smaller venues in the city - with about 2,000 seats. The Times-Union Center has almost 3,000 seats, the St. Augustine Amphitheater has about 4,000, and Daily's Place has more than 5,000.

Saisselin says those stepping stones all artists to grow and keep having shows on the First Coast.

”It’s a free market economy and these things happen," he says. "It’s like we’re a restaurant and another restaurant opens across the street. Naturally, some of the customers are going to go across the street and try the new place. Some of the artists are going to go across the street and try the new place.”

Take, for example, the band Straight No Chaser. They've played for years at the Florida Theater, but later this year you'll be able to hear their tunes at Daily's Place instead.

"This is what happens in progressive and big cities. We're just growing and we've got awesome demand," says Allegretti.

He points out the Florida Theater survived after venues like the Times-Union Center and St. Augustine Amphitheater opened.

"There was a lot of competition when it started in 1927 and it's outlasted it all," he says.

THE CONCLUSION | So we've checked in to the statement that "Daily's Place is hurting business at the Florida Theater" and learned it is FALSE.