ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Clay County Animal Care and Control is searching for two dogs that were caught on surveillance video mauling a cat in Orange Park.

The owner of the cat, who did not want to be identified, reached out to First Coast News on Thursday and shared the video. WARNING: It may shock some viewers.

In the video, you can see the dogs enter the cat owner's front yard while the cat stood on the porch. The dogs spot the cat and began to attack. The owner said the cat died afterward.

The owner also shared a video of the cat fighting back, but First Coast News decided it was too graphic to share.

First Coast News has reached out to Clay County Animal Care and Control and it said the dogs have killed two cats and injured another one in the neighborhood. The agency is now searching for the dogs and their owners.

The dogs have been described as a white bulldog and a brownish German Shepard, according to the report. They were last seen roaming the Gano Avenue area in Orange Park.

Officials say the dogs will be impounded once they are found and held while they conduct a Dangerous Dog investigation.