Up for a little scare?

The website 'Only In Your State' has mapped out some of Florida's creepiest locales. Scroll down for the full road trip... if you dare.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

"Let's start our journey in the nation's oldest city, which is also one of its most haunted. Since the lighthouse was constructed in 1874, several people have passed away in or near the lighthouse. The most famous story is that of the Pettee girls."


"Our next stop is a little town that has long drawn visitors who were fascinated with the paranormal. This town is called the "Psychic Capital of the World," because it has a large number of resident psychics and spiritualists. There are several places in Cassadaga that are rumored to be haunted, from the Cassadaga Hotel to the Devil's Chair in the Lake Helen-Cassadaga cemetery."

Launch Complex 34

"The third stop on our trip was the site of a tragedy in space exploration. Complex 34 was envisioned as a major launch pad for NASA, until tragically, three astronauts died in a cabin fire here in 1967."

Ashley's Of Rockledge

"You're probably hungry after all of that ghost hunting, so luckily, our next stop doubles as a pub.The main spirit here is tied to a story that is truly gruesome. It has been verified by local reports from the time. A young woman, Ethel Allen, was last seen at the restaurant (then Jack's Tavern) before her body was found near the Indian River. "

The Biltmore Hotel, Miami

"This road trip probably takes several days, so it's a good thing we have a couple of hotels on our route. The most famous legend at this historic hotel is of a mobster killed in a gambling dispute, who is said to remain here in spirit."

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