JACKSONVILLE, FL- It is Wednesday, so that means it is time for our Teacher of the Week. This week it is Kristin Szallay, she is a first grade teacher at Jacksonville Country Day School.

She says she has always wanted to be a teacher, even when she was a little kid. She loves children and seeing them grow and learn.

"The amount of growth that you see from the day they walk in until they day that they leave is amazing. We always talk about how our school is a family and knowing them on a personal level and hearing their stories, it is a wonderful age to teach," says Mrs. Szallay.
Her nominator said she keep the parents well informed about the day and her classroom structure teaches kids independence in a nurturing place.  The nominator added Mrs Szallay created what is called a 'Peace Place' in her room where kids can retreat to collect their thoughts and quietly read. The nominator says her child even created his own "peace place" at home.
So a big congratulations to Mrs. Kristin Szallay of Jacksonville Country Day School for being our Teacher of the Week!