ST JOHNS COUNTY, FL - It is Wednesday, so that means it is time for our Teacher of the Week!

This week it is Dana Kelly from Cunningham Creek Elementary in St Johns County. She was also St Johns County's teacher of the year last year! She has been teaching for 14 years and says she wanted to become a teacher because she was inspired by her own teachers growing up.

FCN visited on 'Pirate Day' in the class when they were working on their Articles of Agreement, which is how they will treat each other for the rest of the year. It is all a part of her hands on teaching style.

Dana says she loves her job and being able to teach children about helping others.

"It makes all the difference and you are actually being a world changer yourself, because you are helping them to change the future because we are teaching the future doctors and scientists and everyone. That is our job and it is a gift that we do," she says.

Her class also does projects to benefit the community, like a shoe and sock drive they did this year and they've even done a t-shirt drive for children in Haiti!

A big congratulations to Dana Kelly at Cunningham Creek Elementary for being our Teacher of the Week .