JACKSONVILLE, FL - It is Wednesday so that means it is time for our Teacher of the Week!

This week it is a teacher who has so much enthusiasm when he teaches, his students could not say enough nice things about him. We are talking about Brian Seech at Atlantic Coast High School. He teaches AP Government... AP Macroeconomics and Holocaust studies.

His teaching style is very energetic, very student-involved and also very funny. He cracks jokes and even shows funny videos when students get tough answers correct.

"There is a strong correlation between laughter and having an emotional memory to what you learned, so I try to keep the kids happy and positive. In Holocaust studies I try to keep things important and significant and make them [students] realize these people's absence can only be felt through remembering their presence," tells Mr. Seech.

His advice to first year teachers is to find what you love about teaching and focus on the students. He says some of his great teaching moments are watching his students pass AP exams.

In his Holocast class his tone is very different, still very student-involved, but much more somber and serious because of the subject matter. He also says teaching is a higher calling, teachers are meant to help enlighten students so they can become better citizens and members of society and he says he hopes his classes help achieve that.

He is an amazing example of teaching, so congrats to Mr. Brian Seech at Atlantic Coast High School for being our Teacher of the Week!