ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Olivia Richardson is following her heart and feet every time she hits the hardwood dance floor at All About Ballroom in St John’s County.

Richardson is only 6 years old but has quite the knack for a certain “rug cutting” dance created 75 years before she was born, we’re talking about Swing Dance.

“It goes really fast there’s a lot of cool moves in swing then Cha Cha are Richardson’s favorite styles of ballroom dancing," Richardson said. "They are not easy you just need to move your feet and hands.”

Although Richardson admits some of the aerial moves can be a little scary. Her advice for ignoring that little nervous sensation in her belly.

“Dance Like no one is watching,” Richardson said.

Richardson has already participated in two Achievement Balls and Ballroom Showcases. This October Richardson will compete for the first time at the First Coast Classic in World of Golf Village.