A tug boat sank at the Dames Point Marina causing some of its diesel fuel to leak out into the St. Johns River near Blount Island on Friday afternoon.

The Coast Guard said there was a light sheen on the water from the fuel, but divers were deployed to contain the fuel spill, and they have. Moran Environmental has been contracted to clean up anything remaining in the river and will do so soon.

We received more than one call on this issue, but the Coast Guard assures the fuel was caught on time and it will be gone soon.

Coast Guard divers were sent to assess the hull of the tug boat. They could see 60% of it, as some of it was in the mud underwater, but the Coast Guard said they couldn't see any damage. It is unknown why the tug boat sank at this time.

A company will be coming out to the boat on Sunday to siphon the remaining fuel from the boat to stop any further leaking. The company that owns the vessel will salvage it.

This is an ongoing story, stay with First Coast News for updates.