JACKSONVILLE, FL- It is Friday, so that means it is time for our Student of the Week!

This week it is Lucca Martinez, a 2nd grader at Beaches Episcopal School in Jacksonville Beach. He is an outstanding student there, but he was nominated to be our Student of the Week because he saved his little sister's life!

Lucca says he was up early one morning and he and his little sister were playing when she put two marbles in her mouth. At first he says she laughed and then coughed, but then put her hands up to her throat.

"I got behind her and pulled up really hard, the first time it didn't work. The second time I pulled up really hard and both of them came out," tells Lucca.

He gave her the Heimlich Maneuver and she spit those marbles out. He says he learned it from his dad. Lucca is very humble about the whole thing, he says he is just glad his little sister is ok.

So a big congratulations to Lucca Martinez at Beaches Episcopal School for saving his little sister and being our Student of the Week!