ST.AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Residents say when the sun goes down in St. Johns County, looters come out trying to steal peoples items following Hurricane Matthew.

“We have been tearing out floors, trying to get the house ready,” said William Britten.

Britten says there is so much work he and his family have to do following Hurricane Matthew.

There is one thing Britten hopes he should not have to worry about: looters.

“Some people have nowhere to put anything but on the side of the road. So they are not trying to get rid of it, they just don’t have anywhere else to go.”

If you drive down many roads in Northeast Florida you will see piles of people’s belongings.

Britten says when the sun goes down, that’s when he’s seen people trying to take things.

“When it is your own personal stuff, or like my daughter or sons stuff, or things that have meaning to you, you don’t want them coming and going through stuff. Some people are polite other people just don’t care.”

He also worries about homes that have items inside that aren’t damaged.

“Houses are open; stuff is not yet removed of items that you are keeping. It is a time when people should realize that and be more understanding to families.”