ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla -- You probably have heard of a bike lane, but have you heard of a pedestrian lane?

It's a lane on the road... for walkers.

St. Augustine has created a temporary pedestrian lane with chalk lines and traffic cones along South Street in the Lincolnville neighborhood. It's a street seeing more car traffic and pedestrians.

Ace Williams, who is considering buying a house in St. Augustine, likes it.

"I don't see any sidewalks here," he said. "They have a few over here but it stops. If you don't have sidewalks, you need someplace for people to walk or they're going to be in the street."

Reuben Franklin with the City of St. Augustine said some people in this neighborhood told the city they wanted a sidewalk on South Street. However, "we have a discontinuous sidewalk and a tighter right-of-way. We also have important things like beautiful oak trees that are in the way -- or they're not in the way -- but they're in the way of getting a continuous sidewalk."

So the city came up with a pedestrian lane, as seen in a few other cities. It's only temporary for 60 days, to see if it works.

If people don't like it, the cones come up. If people do like it, the curb is moved out to where the cones are now... and a continuous sidewalk is created, Franklin explained.

Some people who live in Lincolnville are just fine with a pedestrian lane because they don't want a sidewalk on this road. They are concerned a sidewalk could negatively affect the health of large trees which line the street.

"We have no intention of stressing the trees," Franklin said. "Part of this plan is to get more room to design around the trees. That way we have a nice street with a nice tree canopy."