A St. Augustine man was charged as a suspect in two separate armed robberies committed over a two-day span, authorities said.

Christopher Washington, 33, was identified as the suspect in both crimes, St. Augustine Police Department said.

The first incident happened in the Washington Street area on Monday.

Washington was charged with robbery with a firearm after the victim told police that Washington flashed a semi-automatic pistol at him and told him to go to an ATM.

When they were at the ATM, Washington told him to withdraw $100. He took the money, asked the victim for a cigarette and walked away.

The victim was able to pick Washington out of a photo line up.

Washington was also identified as an armed robbery suspect for an incident that happened near the intersection of St. George and Hypolita Streets on Tuesday night. He was charged with home invasion robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Washington was transported to St. Johns County Jail.