ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla,. -- The St. Augustine City Manager is calling for President Obama to sign an Individual Assistance Declaration.

The piles of people's belongings continue to grow larger in St Augustine and across northeast Florida.

It's been more than a week since hurricane Mathew swept across the area and city leaders say president Obama needs to take action.

"This is my life, this is my children's life and I have a 12 year old Autistic son and he needs to be stable," said Nicole Lucas.

Lucas says her home has been in her family for more than 50 years.

"We are living from place to place right now there is nowhere else for us to go."

City leaders are now calling on president Obama to sign a individual assistance declaration.

"We have people that are living in homes that are flooded. People that are sitting on wet couches and in environments that are not safe," said St. Augustine City Manager John Regan.

Regan says places in North Carolina have already received this assistance and he is demanding his city and others on the First Coast get the same help.

"Our optics are the same as North Carolina. We need help. We need an IA declaration now."

Lucus' home has been deemed unlivable. That adds to more than 200 in the area that are not safe to live in.

"It's tough to see your life on the sidewalk and people come and pick through your life. Can't back into your home because it has mold on it. The more we wait the more they have to take down. We need help," said Lucas.