JACKSONVILLE, Fla -  All Pro Auto Repair owners have returned to the property to let cars out Wednesday after several people complained to First Coast News. The owner, Brittany Holt tearfully apologized when speaking with First Coast News. 

First Coast News talked with two people Tuesday who said they dropped their cars off at All Pro Auto Repair on Southside Boulevard for repair in February, were given several reasons why repairs would be delayed and now are unable to get in touch with the owners.

Teresa McDonald said she dropped her car off February 10 and was originally told it would be done the next day. McDonald said she called the shop every day the following week and was told it wasn’t ready. The week after that, McDonald said no one answered.

“The first one was her husband had an abscessed tooth and flu-like symptoms,” McDonald said, describing the reasons she was given for the delay.

“The second one was her son was sick. And when I got a hold of her the Thursday it was she was moving.”

McDonald said she went to the shop in person several times and waited several hours for staff to show up, but no one did. She and her son have asthma and the boy’s nebulizer is inside the car.

“I’ve had to go to the hospital several times for asthma attacks because I don’t have the nebulizer that way I can use it when I need it,” McDonald said.

“My son has had asthma attacks, he doesn’t have the nebulizer it’s in the car.”

McDonald said she has lost two jobs because of the ordeal.

George McInnes had a similar experience with All Pro Auto Repair. He stopped by the shop Tuesday morning hoping someone would be there to open the gate.

“This is my Jeep sitting in the same spot it’s been in for probably five weeks now,” McInnes said.

“I’ve paid almost $500 to have the work done, it’s on a credit card receipt showing it was paid February 22, my Jeep’s still in the back and now their number’s been disconnected.”

First Coast News tried calling four numbers associated with the shop and its owners. Three were disconnected and the fourth had a voicemail with a woman explaining the shop had been closed because her husband had an abscessed tooth. The voice mailbox was full.

Shortly after McInnes talked to First Coast News, he received a call from the shop owner saying they would open the gate for him Wednesday morning. Calls back to that number went unanswered.

Marcus Davis recently picked up his car from All Pro Auto Repair after around 2.5 weeks at the shop. He said he was given the same reasons for delay as the other customers.

“I have no actual explanation on what they were doing or how they were doing it but the car was gone for 18 days,” Davis said. Then one day he got a call to pick up the car.

“She gave me a call, said your car is in the parking lot…the keys are on the tire.”

Davis said he was refunded for the repairs done on his car.