Officer Tim James, arrested after the alleged beating of a teen Saturday, appears to be the same Tim James who used spit and used force on a bi-polar man back in April.

In May, an officer named Tim James was behind the wheel in a fatal pedestrian crash. The same squad car number 183 was at the scene in both the April and May incidents.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Stacy Land's brother, Blane Land, ran in front of Officer James' vehicle before he was struck and killed.

Land said she is glad Officer James is off the street after Saturday's arrest.

"We are thrilled that it seems like this officer's misdeeds are coming to light and we are absolutely thrilled that perhaps this will keep another family from being impacted," said Land.

Land was the youngest sister of 63-year-old Blane Land, who was struck and killed by Officer James on the Southside one month ago.

"We don't understand why it took so many things happening for JSO to pay attention. If they had paid attention from the very beginning, perhaps my brother would still be alive," said Land.

Land said Blane lived in Pensacola and helped care for the family's elderly parents. He worked in technology and loved mentoring kids in his field.

"He was a huge part of our lives and we miss him hugely," she said.

According to Land, Blane was in Jacksonville on business, and was staying at a hotel the night he was killed. She said JSO still has yet to give her a narrative as to exactly what happened that night.

She also doesn't believe Blane's death was a suicide, as she said JSO told her.

Family also wants to know how Officer James could have been working when he was placed on administrative leave after the fatal wreck.

"We need to understand why this officer was still on the street in uniform after a prolonged history of aggression that we believe JSO knew about," said Land..

Land now has an attorney, John Phillips, and said she believes this isn't the last you'll hear about the officer.

"I believe that you're going to have more people coming forward and I think there's going to be more stories about this man in the future," said Land.

JSO will not confirm that this is the same Officer involved in all three incidents.

First Coast News reached out to JSO, asking for an update to the investigation into the fatal wreck, but never heard back.