First Coast News was the first to tell you about the long list of complaints against Officer Tim James with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

His latest incident occurred just 11 days ago when he was arrested for allegedly beating a handcuffed teenager in the back of a patrol car.

In April, Officer James appeared to spit at a man with mental health issues. In May, he hit and killed 63-year-old Blane Land with his squad car.

Now, there are questions about this: Should the officer have been working alongside his wife, Officer Kathleen James?

First Coast News obtained the 50 pages of Officer James' internal affairs document which detail his history of complaints.

Several of those incidents have involved his wife, Officer Kathleen James. She was the officer witness during the UF Health spitting incident and during an alleged unnecessary force incident.

Inside the 50-page internal affairs report for Officer Tim James is an incident from April 2016, which occurred during a Pearl Jam concert at Veterans Memorial Arena.

A woman alleged John Blessing bit her on the shoulder and poured a beer on her. Officer James' arrest of Blessing resulted in an unnecessary force complaint.

Officer Tim James and Officer Kathleen James, who at the time was known as Kathleen Camacho-Deck, were both working off-duty at the arena just one section away from each other.

According to the documents, Camacho-Deck said Blessing was "combative and belligerent" and said James' use of force was "not excessive."

The Internal Affairs investigation found that James' use of force was justified, but the charges against Blessing were later dismissed.

One year later, Kathleen Camacho-Deck became Kathleen James, the wife of Timothy James.

During the UF Health spitting incident in April, Officer Kathleen James again supported her now husband's account of the incident, stating she "observed the suspect swing his arm towards Officer Tim James" in "an attempt to strike him."

Officer Kathleen James has been with JSO since 2013. According to her officer history, in 2014, she was alleged to have taken an improper action, but JSO said that claim was unfounded.

Last Thursday, the State Attorney's Office announced there was not enough evidence to support Officer James' version of events.

First Coast News Crime Analyst Mark Baughman said husband and wife cops cannot be on the same squad, but that they work off duty together.

"It's an off-duty assignment, they were in rights to work it together. They just happened to be in the same proximity," said Baughman.

Baughman said that arrangement can complicate things.

"How much credence do you put in her statement, the fact that they're married, they live together, it could influence what she saw or how she saw it," said Baughman.