JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A project to restore beaches devastated by Hurricane Matthew in Duval County starts Saturday.

Parts of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach will be under construction as crews place pipes and begin dredging. Pipes will extend roughly half a mile.

About 1,200 feet of beach will closed; however, the beach will remain open to visitors outside of work areas. Crews will cover approximately 500 feet of shore each day.

“I keep telling myself it’s temporary,” resident Mike Griffin said about the construction.

Signs warning beachgoers about underground pipelines setup near the sites.

Stephen Matthews spent Saturday morning fishing near one of beach areas off 7th Street. He has been waiting for the dunes to be rebuilt since Hurricane Matthew left the area, and his neighbors without.

“It leaves [residents along the beach] unprotected and could mean higher taxes if another storm comes through,” Matthews said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released the following construction timeline:

Start April 8 – 2nd Street to 11th Street

Start April 15 – 11th Street to 18th Street

Start April 22 – 1st Avenue North to 9th Avenue North

Start April 29 – 7th Avenue South to 1st Avenue South

Start May 7 – 16th Avenue South to 7th Avenue South

The restoration protection project will last about a month, and is set to wrap-up before hurricane season starts on June 1.