JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has arrested the suspect of a bank robbery that happened Monday.

Scott Cone was identified and arrested for armed robbery.

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report stated that police responded to Cone's residence not because of the bank robbery incident, but instead because he had been Baker Acted that same day.

According to the report, Cone's girlfriend said that Cone had left for work at around 8:45 a.m. on Monday. Cone told her that he would be getting paid on Monday, because he wasn't able to get paid on Friday due to a "printer error."

When he came back after robbing the Suntrust Bank, located at 11567 San Jose Blvd., he gave her cash. She told police that she hadn't thought anything was wrong with the money because Cone always cashed his checks.

Later, Cone's girlfriend said that she had learned of the bank robbery because of seeing the incident on the news and confronted Cone about it. He told her that he had robbed the bank because he knew they needed money. Cone's girlfriend attempted to leave the house and Cone became upset. He took an unknown amount of pills and was Baker Acted as a result.

The girlfriend allowed police to search the home and car. They found the shirt that Cone appeared to be wearing in the surveillance video, a Suntrust envelope with $50 and a note that was ripped up and in a McDonald's cup that was filled with liquid.

It appears that this was the note he used in the robbery. Police were able to make out some of the writing on the note, which said "stay calm" and "forty five seconds."

Cone was booked into jail as an absentee, as he was still in the hospital at the time of the arrest.