JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local restaurant owner is now turning to the community to ask for help in finding his missing business sign, which disappeared on Father’s Day.

Lola’s Burrito & Burger Joint on King Street has been a staple in the Riverside community for years with its colorful sugar skull decor and traditional south of the border dishes like Mexican Street Corn.

The hand-made wooden sign went missing on Father’s Day, after it was accidentally left out overnight. Instead of reaching out to local law enforcement, Lola’s Owner Carlos Ramirez took to Facebook shortly thereafter to ask the community for help.

"We're not going to be upset," Ramirez said. "We're not like, no harm no foul. We're just really looking to get our sign back."

The Facebook post has since gone viral in the tightly-knit community. Although, according to Ramirez, there have been no leads or tips thus far.

A fact probably less well known about the burrito and burger joint in Riverside is that almost the entire place is decorated with pieces of local art. The now missing sign being of those unique pieces.

It was made by a local patron by the name of Mike Nolan, who Ramirez says, has already offered to replace the sign if it’s not returned.

"It has great sentimental value," Ramirez said. "Everything that's inside of the building, at one facet (sic) or another, one of the artists in the community have given it to us. So, that sign, there in itself, has been a real big part for us. You know, it's part of Lola's."

Ramirez says they will gladly take care of whoever returns the sign, no questions asked.

If you have any clue as to the whereabouts of the sign, you can call the restaurant at 904-738-7181, or you can stop by and ask to speak to one of the managers.