Prosecutors filed motions for leniency when it comes to the sentencing of both Carla Wiley and Ronnie Simmons. They are both due to be sentenced on Wednesday, November 15.

Ronnie Simmons, former congresswoman Corrine Brown's former chief of staff, will be facing sentencing on Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to two conspiracy and corruption felonies, though he was originally charged with 18. The trade-off was Simmons' truthful testimony against his co-defendant Corinne Brown.

Prosecutors have now filed a motion which asks the judge to take into consideration Simmons' truthful testimony and grant him leniency during sentencing.

The document asks that the suggested jail time of 57-71 months for his crime, now be lowered to 33-41 months.

Carla Wiley was the president of the fake charity One Door for Education, which was used to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars for Simmons, Wiley and Brown's personal use. Her recommended term of imprisonment is 41-51 months. However, the prosecution is asking that, much like Simmons, Wiley's truthful testimony be taken into account and her sentence be considered anywhere between 21-27 months of jail time.

Prosecutions recommendations for Ronnie Simmons:

Ronnie Simmons by Destiny Johnson on Scribd

Prosecution's recommendations for Carla Wiley:

Carla Wiley by Destiny Johnson on Scribd

Wiley, Simmons and Brown will all face sentencing in the week of November 13. First Coast News will have live, up-to-date, coverage of the sentencing hearings both online and on air.