Polls show a larger than usual gender gap between male and female voters this presidential election year. It’s a gap that pollster Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com mapped out to highlight the striking contrast.

An average of polls seems to indicate an electoral landslide for Trump if only men voted in November, and an even bigger landslide for Clinton if only women voted.

Map: What 2016 would look like if just men voted (Source: FiveThirtyEight)

“It kind of frustrates me that there’s that much disparity between the two to be honest,” said Chris who declined to give his last name.

The husband and father of a daughter says he’s a lifelong Republican but can’t bring himself to vote for Trump.

“I'll pay more in taxes, I'll suck up for some policies I'm not happy with, but I can't condone a guy that that's his world view,” he said.

Map: What 2016 would look like if just women voted (Source: FiveThirtyEight)

While Trump’s problem with female voters spiraled to new low following the release of the 2005 audiotape Friday, his most loyal supporters don’t appear to be backing down.

But, for the first time in 20 years, a Democrat could win the vote of married women. It’s a demographic past Republican presidential candidates, such as Mitt Romney and John McCain, carried. Hillary Clinton could be the first Democratic candidate since her husband to win a demographic that’s remained key for Republicans.

“It's the single women that tend to vote Democrat, and I understand that. The Republican Party has done a really poor job of having a message for women to show them that they do care about some of their issues,” said former Washington State Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur.

While gender has factored into presidential politics this year like never before, a number of voters across both genders remain completely unimpressed.

“I’m not a huge fan of either candidate, so it’s kind of disappointing both ways,” said Caitlyn, who declined to give her last name.

“I don’t believe either candidate is right—this would be my first election that I can legally vote in, but I can’t because I don’t believe in either of them,” added Raymond Williams.