Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown's legal team filed a motion for a new trial just before 6 p.m. and a motion for acquittal just after 10 p.m. on the final day her defense could've filed such a motion.

The 96-page new trial motion (reproduced entirely below) leans heavily on the dismissal of juror 13 as the reason why the former congresswoman deserves a new trial, saying his dismissal violated her Constitutional rights. Specifically, her Sixth Amendment right to a jury of her peers.

The motion for acquittal argues the testimonies of Ronnie Simmons, her chief of staff, and Carla Wiley, the president of bogus charity One Door For Education, did not fault Brown for any wrongdoing - only Wiley and Simmons admitted guilt.

Also in the motion for acquittal is the defense's claim that there was no criminal intent in Brown's actions and therefore can't be found guilty of criminal crimes. You can read the full motion here.

Brown was convicted last month on 18 federal fraud and corruption charges after a three-week trial. The jury had deliberated for two full days before the court convened early on the third day and dismissed juror 13. He told the court the Holy Spirit told him the congresswoman was innocent.

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"If there's nothing wrong with praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit then there can be nothing wrong with receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit," her legal team wrote in the motion. "Jury service is not antithetical to a belief in a Holy Spirit."

After his dismissal, the jury took less than a day to find her guilty on 18 of 22 charges she was facing.

Outside the federal court building in downtown Jacksonville after her conviction, Brown's attorney vowed to file a motion for a new trial and a motion for acquittal. Her team has until midnight to file any additional paperwork.

Her motion for a new trial is reproduced in full below:

Corrine Brown: Motion for New Trial by Jacob Rodriguez on Scribd