GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- The Corrine Brown guilty verdict could mean a big change in Gainesville.

In 2014, local leaders named the transportation building after Brown for her service to the community. It's called the Corrine Brown Transit Facility.

Since the guilty verdict, Gainesville leaders have received more than 100 emails. Some saying Browns name needs to be removed from the transportation building.

"When we needed transportation she brought almost $40 million to this county," said Yvonne Hinson, a former county commissioner.

While in congress, Brown's slogan was Corrine Delivers. The city of Gainesville saw that in action after receiving millions of federal dollars for a transportation system.

But after she was found guilty of corruption and fraud charges, some are questioning if the name should remain on the transportation building.

Hinson says she thinks the name should stay. "When we asked her anything, she found a way to make it happen," she said. "And we owe her if nothing else the name of that building."

The issue was not on the city commission agenda Thursday but it was discussed. Chip Skinner is with the city. "What they are looking to do in the future is to bring the topic up on how we name our facilities," he said.

City Commissioner Charles Goston thinks this conversation is premature.

"She hasn't been sentenced yet," Goston said. "We don't know the negative outcome yet."

We asked Brown what if she thinks her name should be removed. "I love Gainesville and nothing will change that," she said.

Some, like Greg McGann, are on the fence.

"I don't know that we don't have buildings with felons names on them," he said. "We have buildings with racist individual's names on them and they haven't been removed, so."

There is no timetable if city leaders will vote to keep or remove the former congresswoman's name.