ID=72114096JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It's a debate that's been going on for more than a year. Now, election supervisors say they, along with you, the voters, are at the mercy of the courts as they wait for the new congressional district lines to be drawn.

The redistricting could affect where you vote and who you're voting for.

"It affects the candidates right now: not knowing who their constituency is and those things will flush themselves out as it goes through the court process," said Clay County Supervisor of Elections and soon to be President of the Supervisors Association, Chris Chambliss.

Chambliss says his main concern is for the voters. "We want to advocate for the voters making sure that they know where their polling locations, who their representation is."

He's urging the State Supreme Court to set and establish redistricting lines sooner rather than later because upcoming votes could be affected and deadlines could be pushed back. "December is the time that the ballot gets certified by the state and gets presented to the supervisors of elections and at that point in time we'll start coding the election because in January we will begin sending out the 45 days overseas and military absentee ballots."

But if the new lines are put in place after the presidential Primary in March, Chambliss says there is still some time to make it work before it's too late. "There is a window for them to go before the local county commissioners to be established, precincts changed, polling locations changed if necessary and then put into place prior to beginning that same process for the primary elections."

To keep up with the changes visit your respective supervisor of elections website.