After Republican candidate Jonathan Kinney won the Putnam County Sheriff's race by just 18 votes on election day last year, an automatic recount put his Democratic challenger, Homer 'Gator' DeLoach, ahead by 16.

The recount included 428 votes found on a thumb drive not previously counted by the Putnam County Canvassing Board. Kinney filed an emergency motion to keep DeLoach from taking office in January, but his motion was denied by a local judge.

Kinney filed a lawsuit allegedly voter and election fraud, which goes to trial Wednesday. A Clay County judge will preside over the case in Putnam County.

New court documents filed Thursday allege 32 people convicted of felonies who have not had their right to vote restored had their votes counted in the election. In the 29-pages of filings, over 40 ineligible votes - including from deceased persons - were counted.

First Coast News will provide complete coverage of the trial. Read the court filings below:


Court filings via Jon Kinney's representation Part 1 by Jacob Rodriguez on Scribd

Court filings via Jon Kinney's representation Part 2 by Jacob Rodriguez on Scribd