On a bus tour across Florida, a key state in the upcoming Presidential election, former president Bill Clinton made a stop in Jacksonville Friday afternoon for an Early Voting Rally .

The line to enter the Main Library downtown wrapped around the corner.

Hundreds of supporters showed up to greet Clinton with cheers and applause.

Clinton's main objective: getting voters to the polls preferably early.

"I want to you promise yourselves, before you leave here today, that you're not going to pass a living soul between now and the election that you do not ask to be part of a truly historic triumph for American freedom," said Clinton.

Clinton spoke on several issues including the water crisis in Michigan.

"We all now that Flint, Michigan is not the only place in the country where children have elevated levels of lead levels in their blood from drinking water from rusty old pipes that should've been replaced years ago. We're going to tear them all up, put clean ones down," said Clinton.

He also tackled soaring college tuition cost.

"So, you get free tuition for all at community colleges. Free tuition at all public colleges for families with incomes under $125,000," Clinton said.

Clinton also spent some time talking about jobs and national security, telling supporters the country must work with immigrants to prevent terror attacks like the the one at an Orlando nightclub that claimed the lives of 49 people.

"We have to recognize that inclusion is a good national security strategy. We can't do it without American Muslims who hate terror and love freedom," Clinton said.

Not everyone at Friday's rally was happy to see Clinton. Shortly into his speech, protestors interrupted, calling Clinton a 'rapist'. In return the crowd booed and chanted, "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!"

"We' probably should give that guy a hand, they've had a tough two weeks over there on the other side," Clinton chuckled.

Clinton urged voters to stay united and vote for the person he said is better equipped to keep the country moving forward:

"In a world where no one is in total control, you gotta have friends, partners, and allies, so bridges work better than walls. It's just the way the world works. A more perfect union."