JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A judge is hearing arguments Friday about whether Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers failed to turn over video evidence in the case against Russell Tillis, the man charged with aggravated assault against police, as well as the alleged dismemberment and murder of a prostitute.

The supposed video evidence relates to the aggravated assault case, which occurred in 2015.

A neighbor of Tillis told police he gave police a thumb drive containing video surveillance of his 2015 arrest. Police did not record receiving any video evidence, and none was not turned over to prosecutors or defense attorneys.

The same neighbor also told prosecutors that a second neighbor recorded video of police beating Tillis, but that he never gave it to police. 

Three police officers testified Friday. They said they had not collected video evidence from the first neighbor, and said video recorded from the second neighbor was "view only" and could not be easily retrieved. They also said it did not show anything outside of what they reported, and amounted to a "verbatim" version of the official police narrative.

Sgt. JA weeks now says he wishes they had collected that video. "That would have been awesome," he testified.

Testimony resumes in the hearing Friday afternoon. Follow First Coast News reporter Anne Schindler @schindy on Twitter for updates from the courtroom.