INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A young boy at IPS School 88 was having a rough day when a local police officer stepped in to show him a moment of kindness.

Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones shared this wonderful photo of the moment, posted by her pastor, Preston T. Adams III. The event was a high-five rally at the school. Sgt. Jones works for Indiana State Police Capitol Police Section.

Pastor Adams wrote, "How we save our community. A simple act of love. A simple act of connecting with people where they are. A simple act of assuring our children everything will be ok. Thank you Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones for renewing our faith in law enforcement. You prove what must be the true essence of every police is possible: to protect AND serve."

Jones wrote, "I've been asked WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THIS PHOTO: While supporting my Pastor Preston T Adams III and some other great men at school 88 yesterday with the High Five Rally this happened. This little fella was having a tough morning and fell out on the floor. I seen his mother step back and look. She stated this is how he is expressing himself lately. I decided to get on his level and talk to him. He started to cry so I wiped his tears and told him it will be ok. As an adult sometimes all we want is one person to stop, get on our level and maybe wipe our tears. These children are entitled to bad days just as us, so give them that moment to bring it together. Get on someone's level today and make them smile!! Spread PEACE and LOVE you might be that person that gives them hope!"