Now more than ever, pets are considered a big part of the family a new survey shows.

Pet insurance company Trupanion just released the results and it shows a shift in the way we describe our relationships with our pets.

When asked how they refer to their relationship with pets, a majority (57 percent) still say "owner" but more and more are using family terms like "pet parent" (44 percent).

Some referred to themselves as "best friend," "companion," "trained human" and jokingly, "slave to the furry overlords."

When referring to their pets, owners often use family terms like "fur kids" (29 percent). "Babies," "children" and "guys" also turned up in the list.

The trend is especially pronounced among millennials who often change their lifestyles to accommodate pets even getting tattoos of their pets or ending a romantic relationship (12 percent). Forty percent of millennials moved into a new home to live in a more pet-friendly environment. Thirteen percent cook food specifically for their pets. Thirty percent choose restaurants or bars based on the ability to bring their pets.

Forty-three percent of millennials refer to their pets as "fur baby" compared to 20 percent of baby boomers.

Seattle-based says at a basic level, "We love our pets and give them far more than their basic needs."

The survey was conducted in early October with 1,250 pet owners in the U.S. and Canada over the age of 18.

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