JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A new season, and new grass is greener it seems at Everbank Field.

However, before the Jaguars take the field, the crew who cares for the turf must make sure the lines and logos are painted properly.

“The painting is easy, it's the measuring out that gets a little bothersome,” assistant sports field manager for SMG Jacksonville Nick Fedewa said.

He has probably painted this field more than a hundred times during his 16 seasons, but said the experience is never the same twice.

“Every year is a little bit different, Fedewa said.

The type of grass, known as TifGrand Bermuda, is not used by any other NFL team, Fedewa said, and takes a crew of five to mow it one to two times per day. However, it's the marking of every yard that is left up to Fedewa to check.

Our reporter asked Fedewa, “Does it ever go through your head, ‘boy I hope those numbers are right?”’

“Absolutely not; I know they're dead right,” Fedewa responded.

The pressure builds when you take into account that later in the season, it's not just the Jags playing on this field.

“We've done quite a few quick turns. We've had the Jags play on a Saturday or a Sunday and a bowl game is either on a Sunday or a Monday,” Fedewa said.

He added those quick turns often have the crew out here working under the lights to finish painting and making sure everything is dry before the next kickoff.