ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - "It's completely packed," James Moredock said Friday afternoon. He was stuck in traffic on I-95 southbound, trying to get off onto State Road 16 to the outlet malls in St. Augustine.

"It took an hour to go three miles," he said.

At one point, the traffic was backed up for 5 and a half miles from the International Golf Parkway exit to the the State Road 16 exit.

Then the traffic was backed-up onto the exit ramp, onto SR-16 and to the entrances to the outlet malls.

St. Johns County deputies were at the entrance to the malls directing traffic.

"We're tying to get them onto SR-16 versus the interstate, so we are working with the outlet mall as well to get people in, and parking as soon as possible," Sgt. Terry Shirley of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office explained.

That area of I-95 near SR-16 has seen 93 crashes just from January of this year, according to the state of Florida.

"I don't know if there's anything to attribute that to the roadway system," Shirley said. "I think it's simply a lot of motorists and sometimes bad weather."

"People were jumping in line from a high speed and I am surprised we didn't have a major pile up," Moredock said.