The night sky along the First Coast will be lit up this weekend with the Orionid Meteors. The Orionid Meteor Shower is occurring across the globe and can be seen in the night sky from October 20-22.

The Orionids are the fastest moving and brightest meteors among any other meteor shower because the Earth is moving head-on into a stream of particles and debris, all thanks to Halley's Comet. While the comet swings by Earth nearly every 75 years, it's still big enough to leave a trail of dust. As the infamous comet races around the sun, particles and debris are left behind in its wake, which the Earth later passes through in its orbit.

While the event will last a couple days, the meteor shower will peak tonight in the late hours, where there's expected to be 10-20 shooting stars per hour. The best chance to get a glimpse will be after midnight in areas with low-light pollution.