ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Orange Park Mayor Scott Land is asking the Clay County Legislative Delegation to "decouple" greyhound racing from poker rooms, aiming for redevelopment for the city.

This call to action comes after First Coast News broke the story about several greyhounds that race at Best Bet in Orange Park were found with traces of cocaine in their systems.

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Following the news, more animal activists are calling for the end of greyhound racing.

Land told First Coast News that he feels the reason why the dog track stays open is to keep the poker rooms going.

Due to 2001 legislation,any establishment that has a card room license and a dog track must race at least 90 percent of the races it held the year before in order to keep its card room license. The card rooms rake in money.

However, the concept of "decoupling" could change that.

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Some locals say, however, they would hate to see the Best Bet go if laws were changed.

"We've gone there for three years now, for Christmas parties," Josh Detrick said. "It's been a blast to see the dogs race and the environment is great and all the people. I would hate to see it go."

Land said, in his own words, that "he's not trying to run the place out of town," but if laws change and the venue moved, the city has already started the conversation about redevelopment.

Land said the negative publicity surrounding the track "is not the image he wants for the city."