Once again, Sheriff Darryl Daniels has a message for Clay County criminals: stop what you're doing, get out of Clay County, or you will be arrested.

Early Wednesday morning, Sheriff Daniels and his team went to the High Ridge Estates neighborhood to execute three narcotics warrants.

The Sheriff said that since he has become Sheriff he has been doing neighborhood walk-throughs. It was one of these walk-throughs that made Sheriff Daniels and his team go back to High Ridge Estates with the warrants.

"If a person wants to commit crime in Clay County, there are options. I'll say it until I'm blue in the face: you can stop what you're doing, leave Clay County or just like these folks this morning, they got their sunrise coffee and now they're going to jail," Sheriff Daniels said.

"You can either leave Clay County, or one day, I'll be standing in your living room drinking my morning coffee while you go to jail."