JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - One of two charges has been dropped against a Jacksonville man at the center of a viral video.

The video showed a JSO officer threatening to arrest him for jaywalking.

Devonte Shipman says he is relieved to see that one of his charges was dropped, but he told First Coast News that’s not enough. He says he felt discriminated and is pursuing legal action.

The 21-year-old says he was crossing the street with a friend two weeks ago when officer J.S. Bolen pulled up and stopped them. The video that went viral on Facebook shows the exchange between Shipman and the officer.

"I'm really being stopped for walking across the street, how often does that happen?" asked Shipman about the incident.

Shipman says the officer threatened him with jail time if he didn't go over to the police cruiser.

"If I was Caucasian, would he have been so quick to jump out the car and say I'm going to put you in jail?" he asked.

Shipman was not arrested, but he did get a $65 ticket for failing to obey a pedestrian signal and another ticket for a breaking the Florida statute for not carrying or presenting a license, according to Officer Bolen.

On Wednesday, that charge was dropped. JSO said the officer got it wrong when he gave Shipman a ticket for not having his driver's license.

They sent First Coast News this statement: "The citations issued were reviewed. The statute number used for this citation was inaccurate. Due to the error, the citation was voided. We are aware of the video and an administrative review is being conducted."

According to Florida law, you only have to hand it over to identify yourself if you're driving when the officer asks for it.

In Shipman's case, he was just walking across the street. Shipman said he wants all charges dropped and the officer disciplined.

"The officer either terminated or take classes on how to approach people," he said. "Like, hey man look, you shouldn't be crossing that road. Approach the situation in a more humane way."

JSO said it is currently reviewing the video and the case.