JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In 1902, a 25-year-old engineer from New York named Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioning system.

Since that blessed day, cool air has made homes around the world so reliably comfortable that we take it for granted. But, when it goes out, we are often stuck at the mercy of the repair company's schedule.

For one Jacksonville woman, Bonnie Guy, the situation is worse. She says she's red-faced and sweating because of red tape.

We spent an hour or so inside of Guy's apartment and by the time we left, we were drenched in sweat.

During the time we spent with Guy, she cradled and wiped her dog, Lola, with a wet cloth.

"I know baby, it's hot, isn't it," Guy said to her dog.

The three fans inside of the apartment did little to cool the space down. Guy says it's the first time in the eight years she's lived at Blodgett Villas in Jacksonville's Urban Core that she's had to endure going without air conditioner.

"I got bad health," Guy said. "My dog walks around panting."

By 10 a.m., the thermostat on the wall read 88 degrees. By mid-afternoon, Guy says temps can reach nearly 100 degrees.

"I have been without air since Saturday," Guy said.

Fed up, she called First Coast News Thursday morning.

With the highest heat index for the summer coming, the days ahead will feel like upward 110 degrees.

"It's hot," Guy yelled.

Guy says her son called the Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA), which manages the property, as well as several city and state leaders for help. She says the problem was not solved.

We reached out to JHA to find out what the holdup was. We were told I would need to speak to Jayne Hoover, Vice President of Housing Assistance and Management. We left Hoover a message, but didn't receive a reply.

After waiting several hours, we called JHA spokesman, John Finotti. Finotti promised to get answers right away.

A short time later, Finotti called us back.

Finotti said Guy reported the issue on Monday. He said on Tuesday, a technician with All Care Services was sent out to repair four units on the property, including Guy's.

Because of weather, Finotti said, the tech's could not complete the repairs.

On Wednesday, the techs returned to the property, but could not repair Guy's unit, according to Finotti.

Guy says the tech's told her they would fix the unit, but it would take another week or two for them to wait for a part they ordered.

Our calls to the JHA appears to have shortened that timeline. Guy, called us Thursday afternoon to report that a technician was at her home working on the unit.

Finotti said the tech's were installing a temporary condenser to get Guy through the night. The techs are scheduled to return Friday and install a brand new unit, Finotti said.