GREEN BAY, Wis. (WGBA) - A Facebook post is going viral, praising a Green Bay Police officer for his handling of a shoplifting case.

Officer Roman Trimberger was called to a gas station where a teenager was being held for stealing what a witness said was a pack of crackers.

Trimberger said the 19-year-old man stole crackers from the gas station, but felt guilty about it and went back to pay. The manager called police, and the young man waited for officers to arrive. When Officer Trimberger offered to pay for the crackers, the teenager would not let him. However, he told Officer Trimberger that he only had a few dollars to his name.

On Tuesday, Officer Trimberger decided to buy the boy a bag of groceries and bring them to his home.

"He's a student, he holds a part time job, and if you've ever been a student before you know it's hard to make money working on it at the same time," said Officer Trimberger. "So I just thought I could hopefully make a difference in his life, help him get a leg up because it was obvious to me that he was making an effort himself."

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