ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - It was just two days ago that a man went on a crime spree in a quiet World Golf Village neighborhood, according to the St. John's County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's office says Kevin Ferrer has been arrested for stabbing two people inside their home and stealing their car while evading police.

The attack injured two homeowners, including a man and a woman. According to the Sheriff's Office, Ferrer stabbed the woman in the arm. He also stabbed the man, which severed an artery. The man was transported to Orange Park Medical Center in critical condition.

According to neighbor Christine Mallatt, Heritage Landing is known for quiet. It's also known for kids out riding their bikes and families out walking.

So needless to say, what she experienced Saturday night was shocking for the entire neighborhood.

"We're all freaked out and I'm right along with them. I feel traumatized. I feel invaded as much as everybody else," Mallatt said.

Mallatt said she was working from home Saturday night, when she decided to go to her daughter-in-law's house just down the street.

It didn't take long before she saw police, and two people lying in the road, appearing dazed.

"I pulled up a little closer, saw that one was covered in blood," she said.

She noticed a male bleeding uncontrollably from his arm and nose. Mallatt, who work as a nurse, gathered medical supplies, a tourniquet and watched the man until EMS got on the scene.

"There was blood everywhere and there are police everywhere. I had no clue what was going on, all he said was that they were in the house and somebody came in and stabbed them so it was scary, it's not something that we anticipate," Mallatt said.

Mallatt said what likely saved the man's life was a St. Johns County Sheriff's deputy who called in a trauma alert before EMS arrived on the scene. The trauma alert immediately signaled a helicopter and got the man to Orange Park Medical Center, the closest trauma hospital.

In her 23 years as a nurse, Mallatt said she's seen things like this in a hospital, but never in her own neighborhood.

"Even myself there that night I didn't sleep because it's not supposed to happen on my street. I mean I can go to work and expect it to happen," she said. "I don't expect it to happen when I drive up my road."

As for what should happen to the man allegedly behind the crime spree and attacks, Mallatt said that's not for her to judge.

"I have no clue what goes on in somebody's mind that does that, but I don't think he should ever get out," she said.

The woman who was also attacked on Saturday tells First Coast News she's currently doing fine.