JACKSONVILLE, FL -- So you decided to ride out the storm; Perhaps you've lived in Jacksonville for decades and the hurricanes always turn away from this area, while the reasoning is not scientific it is your gut feeling.

Thousands have made that decision and if you're among them do you know what to do to ensure your safety?

Everything you do going forward needs to be centered around you and your family's well being, not about property.

Unfortunately that tends to become a priority during times like these.

Here are a couple of things to consider for your safety:

Stay away from windows, skylights, glass doors. The danger is flying debris can shatter the glass and escalate the danger

Have a designated interior space if that has to become your own emergency shelter. A bathroom or closet works perfectly.

if flooding becomes a threat to your home or apartment, find the main circuit breaker and turn it off. If it is not obvious to you at this point, remember water and electricity do not mix.

If you should lose power turn your major appliance like your air conditioner to avoid damage that may be created by a surge.

My final suggestion is really a command: Do not go outside until there's an all clear.

If you do you are putting yourself in harms way, i.e.. down power lines, flying debris.

I have had friends who have experience this during hurricanes, while their stories are funny, they will quickly tell you they are glad to be alive.

You decided to honker down, now make to effort to BE SAFE.