JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- On Wednesday, there was a break in the water main in the Normandy Village area. It was repaired and while the break was on the JEA's side of the road, it is the latest issue facing Normandy Village residents

"We areas were you can see the mailbox sinking in," said Karen Puzio.

Puzio has lived in the neighborhood five years and one of the residents speaking out.

"They just patch major issues in the neighborhood," she said, "we have sinkholes all over the place."

Normandy Village Utility provides water and sewer service to three thousand users, Puzio is one of them. She believes that is the source of their problems.

"I know it is an old utility company," she said, "if the pipes are old they need to be fixed."

That is called having Capital for Improvements. She pointed the intersection at DelaRouche and Montmarte Drives. The roads are caving.

"I'd like to see them be more proactive in fixing the issues rather than patching them,"she said.

She said behind the barricades lie a potential safety problem.

"I am worried about the children," said Puzio.

Puzio said the barricade fell into the hole and all they did was replaced it with another, which does not eliminate the danger.

"In one of the potholes you can fit three of those kids in," said Puzio, "it is scary because they can get really hurt."

Who is responsible? The city? The Utility Company?

We never heard back from them. District Councilman Doyle Carter said he will take a look and see if it is the city's problem and get it fix.

Puzion said she and her neighbors are looking for a permanent solution.

"They come out and patch the hole," she said, "a month or two later there's a sinkhole again."

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection regulates the utility. A spokesperson said the utility is in compliance and they have not identified a chronic problem.

Even so they will investigate the residents concerns. And it encouraged the users with complaints to contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

The Better Business Bureau rating of the Utility is B- and there are a number of negative complaints.