A probable tornado has caused significant damage in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.

WVTM TV (NBC) in Birmingham reports several buildings have been damaged in Fairfield, Alabama and at least one business completely collapsed during a storm.

"Glass started shattering, the ABC store sign fell on my car....Its just a blessing that we are still here." an eyewitness told WVTM.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Holmes said buildings, including a liquor store and a fast food restaurant, were reported damaged in Fairfield, west of the city.

Holmes also told The Associated Press that trees were down and buildings were reported damaged along the Interstate 20 corridor on the southwestern outskirts of Birmingham.

The station reports significant power outages in the area as well.

The area had been under a Tornado Warning.

Fairfield police chief Nick Dyer says four people were injured in the storm, but none of them appears serious. He says they are currently trying to make sure everyone is accounted for.

All of the injuries occurred in an ABC store that was destroyed by the storm.

This is a developing story.

A National Weather Service meteorologist says a suspected tornado has damaged several businesses in an outlying suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.