JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Before the road leading to Penny Walsh's home was blocked off, one person inside her house was drinking Kahlua.

Her daughter was engaged to Derrick Brabham, the man accused of shooting two JSO officers who returned fire and killed him Friday night. The couple lived at Walsh's home with their young daughter.

Walsh, who spoke to First Coast News off camera Monday, said multiple times before the shooting, she tried to separate the fighting couple. She described Brabham as drunk.

Initially, she said Brabham had his pistol out and said she'd seen that gun before.

Over the last two years, JSO has been called to the house at least seven times. First Coast News confirmed through a "calls for service" report that two of those calls involved domestic concerns and firearms.

Walsh said officers that were outside her home warned that Brabham was a suicide risk.

They heard a shot. Walsh said it was an accidental fire when her daughter tried to take the gun from Brabham. Police rushed in.

While she heard shots, she said it was minutes before she realized Brabham had in fact died and two officers had been shot.

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