A mother has been arrested after she left her child inside of a locked car, with the windows rolled up, for one hour and 14 minutes.

When police arrived on the scene at the Target located on San Jose Blvd., Cho Hardy, 43, was attempting to drive away with her child and the officer conducted a traffic stop. According to the report, the mother got out of the driver's seat and yelled "You don't know what it's like being a single mother!" And that she only went into Target to use the restroom and wasn't going to wake her sleeping child.

However, surveillance footage shows that Hardy was in the Target for over an hour. She visited Starbucks then shopped around, according to the footage. 

A Target employee was told by witnesses that the child was locked inside of the car. They then went out to the vehicle and were with the car for seven to ten minutes. The Target employee added that the child was not restrained at all, moving around the vehicle, and had access to things that could "potentially have caused harm to the victim." It was noted that the temperature was around 80 degrees. 

Witnesses also stated that Hardy originally tried to drive off without restraining the child, but eventually stopped to restrain the child.