JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's been more than three months since Taylor Rosemond has had a hole with sewer water along a sidewalk in front of her Arlington home.

First Coast News covered this story more than a month ago, when the city said the hole would be repaired within weeks. Still, after several phone calls and a few visits by city employees, Rosemond said nothing has been done.

What began as a leak in her sidewalk in July has remained into October.

"Actually it's gotten a little bit worse," Rosemond said.

A hole in a sidewalk that's now akin to a tiny, dirty retention pond. Taylor Rosemond calls it a hazard.

"This is disgusting and deplorable," she said.

Since July, Rosemond said her 1-year-old has almost fallen in and she's convinced it's made her three kids sick.

Rosemond said a neighbor offered to help pump the water out of the hole. She said that's made a small difference.

Afraid they would become flying projectiles during Irma, Rosemond and her fiancee said they had to move the barriers surrounding the hole on their own.

On Tuesday, some apparent progress. First Coast News e-mailed a city spokesperson, asking when the city will do something. Just hours later, Rosemond said a city employee stopped at her home.

"He was like 'wow I'm sorry' and apologized and said he would try to have a crew out by tomorrow," Rosemond said.

Despite a worker showing up at Rosemond's home, the city has not responded with an answer about when the hole will be repaired.